Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

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The AMPTP proposed during its date with the WGA on Friday, though it’s not quite as romantic as it might sound. More than 100 days into the writers’ strike, the studios came to the negotiating table with a counterproposal. “We will evaluate their offer and, after deliberation, go back to them with the WGA’s response next week,” the WGA told members in an email obtained by Variety. “Sometimes more progress can be made in negotiations when they are conducted without a blow-by-blow description of the moves on each side and a subsequent public dissection of the meaning of the moves. That will be our approach, at least for the time being, until there is something of significance to report, or unless management uses the media or industry surrogates to try to influence the narrative.” Today marked the first time negotiations between the WGA and the AMPTP have resumed since May (there was an August 4 sidebar, but that was more of a meeting to talk about meeting). The WGA’s negotiating committee has previously claimed that the AMPTP is hoping to pressure writers to accept terms accepted by directors. However, the WGA has stressed that studios must negotiate on the guild’s full, writer-specific agenda. Otherwise, it looks like WGA members will be sticking to writing picket signs.

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