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It’s safe to say that as fathers, the Jonas Brothers have their hands full. The trio, kicking off their tour today, has five children between the three of them – all of which are girls. But the group’s transition from teen heartthrobs into full-fledged dads (who still rock on some weeknights) has been a welcomed one.

“You learn something new every single day,” Kevin Jonas told POPSUGAR in a group interview discussing their latest partnership with The Children’s Place and their Best School Day Ever campaign.

Kevin, the veteran dad of the group, has two daughters, 9-year-old Alena and 6-year-old Valentina – while Joe and Nick are still in the diaper-changing phase of parenthood. But all three are prioritizing education in their children’s lives. It’s one of the reasons they felt so strongly about this campaign, which gives schools the opportunity to win $100,000 towards the improvement of their school and a chance to see the Jonas Brothers live.

“We were thrilled with the idea of aligning with a brand that has shared values and a like-minded mentality about doing good for children, and for education specifically,” Nick told POPSUGAR before going out to perform for hundreds of back-to-schoolers attending the August 10 campaign event at the American Dream Mall, where the 10 finalists were announced.

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Just before our interview the “Jealous” singer squeezed in a Facetime call with his one-year-old Malti, whom he shares with actor Priyanka Chopra, as she finished up a music lesson. “She loves music and loves all kinds of music,” Nick tells POPSUGAR. As she grows, Nick says he’s eager to see what else she takes a liking to: “I’m excited for her to love her education and be hungry to learn. There’s nothing I think more fulfilling than watching your child, even at this age, learn new things.”

Kevin, on the other hand, is prepping for back-to-school season as his daughters enter the first and fourth grade. “For Valentina this year, she’s going to what is big girl, real school,” Kevin says, admitting that it’s “daunting.” But he’s encouraging his daughters to stay true to themselves: “You’ll find your people and you’ll find your path. But really just focus and do the work.”

And when that feels hard, his family’s back-to-school tradition should lighten the load. “We always get ice cream after the first day of school,” Kevin tells POPSUGAR. It’s a custom the Jonas Brothers did as kids – usually at Friendly’s or Dairy Queen. “The Monster Mash at Friendly’s is a go-to for me,” Joe tells POPSUGAR.

These simple moments are what the brothers have cherished most about their back-to-school memories and hope to create with their own kids. “It can be really easy sometimes to fall into the trap of things feeling mundane, or some of the most simple things, overlooking them and kind of taking them for granted,” Nick tells POPSUGAR. “And then you see how a young mind sees it and the wonder that they see it with,” he says, and it changes your whole perspective.

Voting for the Best School Day Ever campaign is now open through August 31st and can be done by visiting The Children’s Place mobile app or on The Children’s Place website, where you can find official contest rules and the brands’ back-to-school product collection. Eligible individuals that cast their vote will also receive one chance to win a $500 gift card. The brand is giving away $500 gift cards to one lucky voter each hour.

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