Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

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Joey and David Landreth of acclaimed roots-rock band The Bros. Landreth join Canadian Musician Editor-in-Chief Mike Raine this week for a wide-ranging chat about music and life. The guys’ recently-released LP, Come Morning, marks both a rebirth and refinement of the Juno-winning band’s blend of North American roots music and harmony-heavy soul. In this conversation, they discuss their early years grinding it out as a touring band, growing up with a father in the music business, the growth of their sound and songwriting, and how them each becoming fathers has reshaped their perspective on life and prioritizing a music career. And at the end, they both happily geek out about their respective bass and guitar rigs.


Mike  Raine

Mike Raine

Michael Raine is the Editor-in-Chief for Canadian Musician, Professional Sound, and other magazines. He’s a fan of long conversations about music and the music industry.


The Bros. Landreth

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