Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

The world of social media was sent into a frenzy as Aussie OnlyFans star and influencer Anna Paul announced her breakup with long-term partner, Glen Thomson.

Anna and Glen had been an inseparable duo since their teenage years, their journey together spanning eight years. So you can imagine the shock when Anna revealed that they were no longer together.

“Glen and I broke up. We just aren’t in a relationship anymore and we are now both single,” she announced on TikTok on Sunday.

The news was met with a mix of emotions from her followers, who had come to view their relationship as something of a modern fairytale — often referring to the pair as “Mum” and “Dad”.

And now, the influencer has posted another TikTok video titled “explaining things”. In the video, she thanks fans for being so supportive during this tough time, but insists the split was “mutual” and “a very long time coming”.

Anna and Glen Aren’t “Shocked”

Remember all those moments Anna and Glen had us believing in relationship goals? Turns out, they were grappling with the same kind of ups and downs that many long-term couples face. Anna was upfront about their doubts, sharing, “We’ve been together for eight years, and relationships go through ups and downs, and not like fights, just like ‘should we even be together? Like, is this right?’,” she said in the video.

“… There have been moments where we’ve been close to breaking up, very often, actually. So that’s why I’m not insanely shocked, and he’s not insanely shocked.”

The OnlyFans creator admitted that while the pair aren’t shocked over the breakup, it doesn’t mean that it is any easier.

Since the news literally broke the internet overnight, rumours about are already starting to circulate online. One of them being Glen cheated on Anna. But she cleared the air with an assertive, “There’s no bad blood. I promise you, there’s nothing juicy about this breakup.”

Even though they’re no longer partners in crime, Anna made it crystal clear that their love and friendship remain unbreakable.

“We still love each other so much. We are still best friends,” she shared.

Fans React to Anna and Glen’s Breakup

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