Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

Tiali is the musical embodiment of a David Lynch heroine. Her music is surreal, dream-like and addictive, with a dangerous undercurrent that pulls you in. Her soulful, husky vocal delivers a sultry alternative rock feel; with songwriting that draws from personal experiences, expressing her views on society, culture and the issues she sees within it.

Grungy guitar mixes with blues, jazz, punk, slivers of shadowy psychedelia and a pinch of influences like Mazzy Star and PJ Harvey, creating a sound that refuses to be pinned down. Alluring and powerful, Tiali is the pixie dream girl turned witchy woman who’s come to steal your heart.

The Pleasure Pit is a six track record that features previously released fan favourite tracks including ‘Jigsaw’ and ‘Medium’ and brand new single and video ‘Love Drugs & Toothpaste’.

Speaking on the release of the EP, Tiali says “It’s funny because I actually wrote a song called ‘Pleasure Pit’ a while back that will probably never be released. When thinking about the title of the EP, it just summed it up for me. 

The Pleasure Pit is a place we all know. It’s the place we go to indulge, to ease our pain. It’s drugs, alcohol, sex, cigarettes, junk food, love. It brings you comfort, an escape, a high…until it doesn’t. The void that sucks you in, the detachment from reality, the noise that silences your mind, the chaos that momentarily calms you.”

With the EP comes new single ‘Love Drugs & Toothpaste’ which Tiali describes as “simply put, a bad comedown”, alongside an official video shot by Bailey Watts (BOY SODA, flowerkid).

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