Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

MUMBAI:  Actor Rrajvir Singh, has been a seasoned actor beloved and known for his shows like Anamika, Bitto, and more. 

And if you are having trouble recognizing him, it’s because he rechristened himself as Rrajvir in 2021, the actor previously went by the name of Vineet Kumar.

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Having starred in popular shows in the likes of Sabki Ladli Bebo, Maharana Pratap, and Anamika, Rrajvir returned to the TV screens after a Five-year break in 2021.

Now playing a very pivotal role in Swaraj, the actor opens up about his journey, his break, and more.

Talking about his journey on the small screens, he said, “As far as my work journey is concerned, I have done social drama shows and historical shows on television like Sukiyaki, Bebo, Anamika Bitto, Maharana Pratap where I mean you can see. If you look at the roles that I’ve played so far, you will understand that I haven’t played the similar type of roles, I have explored a variety of genres, like in Anamika, I played a double role where one is a wicked guy and another one is the negative guy. And in Maharana Pratap, it was a parallel lead role full of valor and poise, as Shakti Singh. Babu, in Bitto, was a lead role and different in its own right, and in Bebo, also a parallel lead. So yes, I mean I’m quite satisfied with the kind of roles that I’ve played because those were the selective best and I’m choosy about my work, so I have also wanted to be a part of projects which you know gives me a creative satisfaction as an actor, and I want to explore more. So, I’m grateful to God, I’ve been lucky, and I got the opportunities to play such roles, and yes, I’m happy and contented with whatever I have done till now.” 

Rrajvir also opened up about his break from television, he revealed, “ I took a break because I wanted to prioritize a few things in my life on a personal front as well. And yes, I was looking for some different kinds of roles. As an artist, it is important to grow and I wanted more challenging roles because as a performer, you want to take up roles and projects where you get the best possible opportunity to highlight your talent. And yes, it is considered choosy, but then again, as an actor, you want to be honest and truthful about your work and do the best job.”

Now, that he is back in Swaraj, he also spoke about his character in the show and why it is such a unique opportunity, “So when I got the call for Swaraj when they told me about the role, I got excited after listening to them because this role first of all very different and uniquely and the look and feel of the show ie unique. And to play an unsung story like Har Dayal Mathur, you know, made me lucky and privileged because he was a guy who started the revolution all over the world, for India, and I think he was the first guy and you know, playing such roles give me immense creative satisfaction as well. And for an actor to explore and to work on, his craft is again always a delight and a wonderful opportunity. And in fact, a very good opportunity to, you know, come out of his comfort zone and play such different characters, which challenge you and nourish your craft.”  

Rrajvir Singh plays the role of Har Dayal Mathur on Swaraj which airs on DD National at 9 PM.

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