Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

EST Gee and Yo Gotti have collaborated on a new single, “A Moment With Gotti.” In a music video for the track, the pair appear in front of high-end cars, as Gotti raps, “I ain’t payin’ no plugs/ I got more free bands than Scooter.”

The song teases EST Gee’s forthcoming album, El Toro 2, a continuation of Gee’s 2019 debut mixtape, El Toro. The rapper previously shared single “Turn the Streets Up,” which will also appear on the new album.

EST Gee has released several albums since El Toro, including I Never Felt Nun in 2022. He told Rolling Stone he prefers not to share too much about the meaning behind his songs and instead wants listeners to meet the songs in their own way. At the time, the rapper said his main message is, “Just keep going. ‘It get better. It’s hard, but it get better.’“ 

“I don’t even know if it’s [just] for an artist, [or more so] in general,” he added. “Just don’t let everybody know your business, they’ll use it against you. Say as least amount as you need to. Don’t say too much. You’ll never regret being quiet.”

Yo Gotti, meanwhile, dropped his most recent LP, CM10: Free Game, last year. In January, Gotti and Jay-Z  dropped two lawsuits filed in Mississippi against prison officials for “inhumane” prison conditions. The lawsuits were dismissed after attorneys for the artists and the state’s Department of Corrections said that improvements were made at the facilities, including adding air conditioning, bathroom renovations, and updated electrical systems.


Before the lawsuit was filed, Jay-Z and Yo Gotti wrote a letter to then-Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant, which threatened to take legal action if the state’s prison conditions were not adequately improved.

“They share the common injustice of being in a facility that’s inhumane,” attorney Alex Spiro said at the time. “We lock these people up and forget about them. I’m hopeful that these sorts of actions give them hope and give them oversight to a prison system that desperately needed it.”

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