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Content warning: This article deals with claims of sexual assault and emotional abuse.

“Below Deck Down Under” Captain Jason Chambers has spoken out about the dismissal of crew members Luke Jones and Laura Bileskalne following two troubling incidents of sexual misconduct.

Posting a video to Instagram, Chambers, 50, expressed his hopes for the individuals’ personal growth post-firing.

“Hi everybody, I’m sure you’re digesting episodes six and seven as I am,” Chambers said in the clip. “I’ve had a flood of messages over the last 24 hours from people in similar situations, some not so lucky of the outcome, so my heart goes out to them.”

“I like to thank the production team for breaking the fourth wall and stepping in. Then reforming and allowing Aesha [Scott] to come to me in an authentic manner and us dealing with it as we would as captain and crew.”

Two Crew Members Fired Over Sexual Misconduct

The events leading to the dismissals of Luke Jones and Laura Bileskalne were indeed disconcerting. In episodes six and seven of the show’s second season, Luke stumbled into Margot’s cabin and climbed into her bed completely naked while she was passed out, before the camera crew forced him to leave. Meanwhile, Laura was making moves on an uncomfortable Adam Kodra in the hot tub, before attempting to give him a massage in his bunk. Both crew members were terminated from the reality series.

In an earlier interview with POPSUGAR Australia, Chambers said that in his role as the Captain, he doesn’t see a lot of what happens below. He said: “Unless it’s in front of me, I wouldn’t know, and I don’t know unless someone comes and snitches.”

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Below Deck's Luke Jones and Laura Bileskalne
Pictured: Luke Jones and Laura Bileskalne. Credit: Hayu

Thankfully, Aesha came knocking on Jason’s door as soon as the incidents happened.

“And as soon as Aesha brought it to my attention, I addressed it straight away,” he said in the video. “This happened over a year ago and again I’ll stress the people involved are all, hopefully, on a better journey to better themselves.”

He concluded by urging fans to send “less hate please, more love” in response to the episodes. 

Fans “Thankful” For Jason and Aesha’s Swift Response

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If this article brings up any issues for you or anyone you know, or if you just feel like you need to speak to someone, please contact 1800 RESPECT (1800 737 732) the National Sexual Assault, domestic and Family Violence Counselling Service.

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