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Screenshot from The Hunt for Veerappan.

Screenshot from The Hunt for Veerappan.

The Hunt for Veerappan was recently released on Netflix. Here are seven big moments from the docu-series.

‘The Hunt for Veerappan’, a gripping docu-series that delves into the life and pursuits of the notorious forest brigand, Veerappan, has taken the internet by storm. The docu-series, released on Netflix, sheds light on Veerappan — country’s most infamous bandit, and his nefarious crimes and also serves as a reflection to society about the structures built within, that enable crime and help it thrive. It’s this complex dichotomy that the director has presented in his four-part narrative that has won the hearts of audiences and critics, alike.

The thought-provoking featurette that sheds light into who Veerappan was and how he came to be also unveiled several intense and emotionally charged moments from his life that have never been seen before. Here’s a glimpse into seven such moments from the docu-series.

Unveiling Veerappan’s Identity:

A crucial moment in the docu-series is when a journalist manages to interview Veerappan, offering the world a rare glimpse into the elusive criminal’s appearance. Veerappan provides the journalist with pictures of himself and his gang, revealing the face behind the notorious name.

The Struggle for Survival:

As Veerappan realises the police force is closing in on him, he and his gang face a critical situation where they are unable to secure food for themselves. The constant need to change their location puts tremendous pressure on the gang, showing the reality of their life on the run.

Finding a Home in the Forest:

From being a wanted poacher to smuggling sandalwood, the forest was the epicenter of Veerappan’s crime. After shooting a rival gang dead, he went on to take refuge in the very forest he exploited, making it his home for decades to come. The docu-series shows how he knew the green ecosystem like the back of his hand. One such instance that was narrated was when he realised the police were on his trail because the birds had told him so.

Longing for Family:

As the docu-series draws close, Veerappan yearns to be reunited with his family and children. He no longer wishes to be on the run but seeks solace in being with his loved ones, putting forward his human side.

Capturing Dr. Rajkumar:

Veerappan’s capture of Dr. Rajkumar, a prominent individual, creates chaos in both Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. The incident sent shockwaves through the states, highlighting the powerful and far-reaching impact of Veerappan’s actions.

Nagappa’s Escape:

A dramatic moment unfolds when Nagappa, a film director, manages to escape from Veerappan’s clutches. The docu-series showcases the intensity and danger of the situation, adding to the nail-biting suspense of the storyline.

The Toll of Aging:

As time takes its toll, Veerappan’s health begins to deteriorate, and he struggles with cataract-related eyesight issues. The docu-series portrays the vulnerability of a once-feared criminal who now faces the realities of aging and its impact on his abilities.

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